A couple of years ago, when I ended up being an individual lady and a best couples dating sites writer, I published about website known as Hetexted.com. I am not probably lay — I found myself fairly mortified once I found it. After all, it had been interesting, but an entire internet site dedicated to examining messages from men? I cannot actually.

I did not think it would stay that very long, but was proven wrong 2-3 weeks ago whenever a buddy sent myself the web link to look at an internet site she happened on. It was Hetexted.com. Severely. It however exists. And, there is even a novel, encouraged by the internet site, which is specialized in a similar thing. I however can’t even.

Today, i’ven’t look at the guide, but used to do review some reviews and the majority of individuals think it is entertaining or tragic. But, like we said, We haven’t see clearly so I cannot go indeed there (though probably that motivate the next article).

Therefore, let us just talk about website for now.  And versus attempting to explain the thing I browse, i’d like to just allow real questions talk for themselves. Here are the very first three that we study:

My fire fighter trainer. Unsolicited shirtless pics and one more of him together with junk hard tilting over a toilet! I am not sure what’s hotter than seeing naked photos you didn’t request from your teacher in your bathroom. Sigh

He is completed this over and over again and I’ve never responded. Does the guy not obtain it? Exactly why keep attempting?


He text “thinking about you as I get to sleep. I quickly understand its friends book and it’s perhaps not the fact that the guy text other ladies that is great due to the fact weren’t unique and sometimes even on that amount, but i do fault him for their stupidity and laziness.

Should I reply that I’m sure he group text myself or perhaps keep disregarding his emails.


Is-it typical for a married guy to text you any 2-3 times or maybe more frequent to inquire of you things like:

– am we eating dinner by yourself

– am we using metro home alone (note that he has got driven me

house before)

– whether I loaded for my personal trip the night before my personal flight

It really is that way bout of How I Met the Mother — oh honey. I mean, I would like to believe we’re all much better than this, right? Can we actually need a webpage to decode the key definitions here?

If dude is delivering unsolicited naked photos, you run! Or perhaps you report it to somebody. If you want it, you send out one back (just leave the face out). Despite, you do not publish it on a niche site to ask just what it means.

Of course a guy is group texting women, you also manage! Feel flattered for a moment that you are currently among the many picked few, then again erase and proceed. Additionally, on the guy that is team texting girls – did you ever hear of backup and paste? Its this pretty wizard development that you ought to consider. It could probably prevent you from in person sabotaging your entire game.

I additionally will not even reach the married man who is texting you, but I guess possible imagine my verdict indeed there.

Really folks, this isn’t brain surgery right here.

Genuinely, website simply fuels our have to over analyze things and our very own desire to have immediate gratification. No one wants to just wait it out and see if a man is into you. Because, you are sure that, might eventually figure out.

Part note: can we all just discuss just how there is not a shetexted.com. Merely something you should think about for a minute.

So, no thanks HeTexted.com, but i’ll move. In my opinion, this nevertheless feels as though those types of some ideas that’s truly brilliant when you’re drunk with you pals, then again not so much whenever you sober upwards.

Image via Ultraslo1 on Flickr.