Automate and expedite your translations at a low cost

    Prabandhak is an AI-powered translation management hub that seamlessly brings all the language players onto one platform

    21 Indian languages

    53 International languages

    Improved NMT for 11 Indian languages

    NMT support for Indian languages to English translation

    Seamless project management system

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    Get real-time visibility of timelines, cost, and accuracy of your projects

    Get high volume projects done quickly

    Easily manage high volume of translation projects at a scale within a reasonable timeframe. With Prabandhak, you can choose to do in-house translations or pick one of the best translation agencies or freelancers to get work done quickly and accelerate your time-to-market.

    Get end to end transparency of your projects from vendors

    Effectively monitor the status of your projects to take corrective action in the event of any slowdown. With Prabandhak, get full transparency and control over your project with a real-time project management dashboard providing visibility on timelines, cost, and accuracy.

    Minimize the cost of high volume translations by 40%

    Reduce your translation cost by up to 40% and maintain consistency with all linguistic assets under one collaborative platform. Prabandhak’s superior translation technologies improve your productivity and enable you to deliver your projects up to 4 times faster by automating your translation.