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Translate, Manage, and Scale with Our AI Powered Translation Management Hub

Prabandhak is a unique cloud-based, AI-powered translation management hub that ensures swift, easy, and accurate localization.

You can now organize your work, automate, and expedite processes while managing your multilingual content – all on one efficient platform.

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Prabandhak is an AI-powered translation management hub that seamlessly brings all the language players onto one platform

21 Indian languages

53 International languages

Improved NMT for 11 Indian languages

NMT support for Indian languages to English translation

Seamless project management system

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A real-time collaborative platform enabling multiple translators to work simultaneously on the same projects

Grow your topline with large scale projects

Easily manage large projects at scale and increase your revenue significantly. You can easily find and collaborate with competent translators working on the same project while overseeing resource and workflow management in real-time.

Improve productivity up to 400%

Prabandhak’s superior translation technologies improve your productivity and enable you to deliver your projects up to 4 times faster by automating your translation. It enhances your accuracy by quickly proofreading your drafts, thus helping you finish projects well ahead of the delivery time. This allows you to mitigate your costs by up to 40%.